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by Aura Charisse 

Meet the blogger.

Twenteen lady seeking refuge in her own Tiffany's, a passion-filled realm of arts & grace where everything shines more brilliantly.

The name's Aura Charisse. I grew up an artist, a dancer, a writer and in every cliche way, a dreamer. Devoted to the humanities, in love with books and history, I am one who is fervent with life and the everyday journeys of people. Though sometimes mistaken for being too serious, I confess I am childlike, silly, impulsive and unpredictable. There are many facets to my very being which I would very much like to share with eager readers.

Here is a blog where I shall indite my whereabouts, whether they may be on meticulous fashion, spontaneous travels, ardent opinions, etc. I guess this blog basically exists as an extension of my craft, thoughts, adventures and ultimately, myself, though probably focusing more on fashion --- a new field which I have decided to wander in.

In many ways, I'm attracted to the idea of putting different pieces together to create a unified look that both encompasses one's style and personality. Fashion is such a vast world where you can just get lost and have fun creating art! Yet, let me tell you now, that I am, at the moment, no fashion student, expert or whatsoever. I'm simply the little girly-girl who loves playing dress up. I'm merely one who tries to experiment with different styles. I'm humbly a novice who is more than willing to learn. Though not an expert, I give you my word that I shall give my best and not disappoint. 

Let this blog be an empty canvas for a hopeful fashionista.

Explore the site and enjoy the posts. I hope you'll find delight in this blog which I have crafted. :) Carpe diem!

May 17, 2014

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