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Oversized chic.

Posted by Aura Charisse on July 4, 2018 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

While it’s nice to flaunt your curves every now and then when wearing fitted outfits, I prefer wearing loose clothes on most days. I especially love wearing extremely oversized shirts as loungewear. As soon as I get home, I literally just strip myself off of any outside clothing and immediately change into my loungewear. It’s such an underrated level of comfort! I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Upon spotting this dress, I knew I had to get my hands on it. It’s such an effortless way to look good without compromising comfort. You literally just throw this on, wrap the belt around your waist and boom, instant ootd ——I was sooo going for that laidback-yet-stylish oversized look! What’s also nice about this dress is the material. You all know your girl’s incredibly meticulous and picky about material. Gladly, this one’s crafted wonderfully out of fine material. It’s made out of a soft, satiny fabric* that’s perfectly fitting for that relaxed fit.

Dress from CLN | Loafers form Rubi

Additionally, I love how this piece is equally versatile. In this look, I chose the classic way of wearing it by accessorizing minimally with pearls, jet black sunnies and easy slip on loafers. If I were to wear it differently, here’s how I plan to redo this outfit:

Instead of the usual sunnies, I’ll wear a black Breton cap.
Instead of pearl earrings, I’ll wear a massive pair of silver hoop earrings.
Instead of black suede loafers, I’ll wear clean, white sneakers.
Just imagine.
There's your casual chill look. 
Same centerpiece, different vibe altogether. 

That’s my tea for today’s outfit post. Enjoy the rest of the week, dear readers!

*I do wish I had the education to talk more specifically about fabrics, but unfortunately I don’t have a degree in textile design! May this suffice for now until I gain more knowledge in the future!

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Style and comfort.

Posted by Aura Charisse on June 4, 2018 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)
Who else has always been a lover of dresses as a little girl?

I remember being teased for always being in a dress when I was younger. You’d rarely see me in shorts or pants and my god, did I hate being in overall jumpers! They told me a dress was definitely my iconic childhood attire. Fast forward to my twenties, nothing much has changed really! I still love to be wearing dresses and when it comes to shopping for pieces, I’m very particular about style and character. I wear dresses because I love embracing my femininity with an elaborate skirt and a flattering bodice. So when I choose a dress for purchase, I make sure it delivers exactly that, whilst giving me comfort. 

In light of the current bipolar weather changes, I find this dress has provided me that much coveted comfort against heat and humidity. I specifically chose an off-shoulder type-dress to allow my skin to breathe a little bit more, without beeing too revealing. Though not your typical fitted-torso bodice, I actually love the loose fit as it emphasizes that peek of the skin within the collarbone area. And can we talk about the sleeves?! It was definitely the flare of these oversized sleeves that gave this dress character. The material is also very forgiving in this weather. It’s made out of thinly made denim material designed with minimal stripes.

Off-shoulder, flare-sleeve dress from Something Borrowed | Sneakers from Skechers | Sunnies from Artwork

So that’s a little tidbit on how I choose a casual dress that is both style- and comfort-appropriate. Dear readers, you all know my motto when it comes to dressing well --- it’s not impossible to be stylish and comfortable at the same time! It’s really not necessary to compromise comfort, don’t you think?

How do you choose your dresses, dear readers? 

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Look Recap.

Posted by Aura Charisse on December 13, 2017 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)
There’s no denying I go MIA every now and then from blogging, and it’s no secret that it’s because of medicine. Outside the blog, my life complelely revolves around medicine, as I pursue my dreams of someday attaining that MD. In life, there are always trade costs. To exhaust all my efforts and energy into med school means sacrificing some wee time away from the blog. Most times it’s frustrating ---- imagine stepping away from your craft that you’ve nurtured for almost 4 years (!!!) ----- but at the end of the day, I know my priorities and I believe it will all be worth it, truly and entirely.

In light of such truths and happenings, I’ve come up with this series, ‘Look Recap’. It’s simply a recap on all the looks I’ve shot and failed to upload on the blog. Better late than never, alright! Despite your girl hustling to get that degree, style will always be relevant. Here’s the first set of looks and I hope you like it!

This black and white ensemble was one of my outfits from my quick trip to Australia. I went to Gold Coast and Brisbane around May, so it was roughly winter there that time. It wasn’t drastically freezing as you’d expect though, so I’d say the weather felt more like spring with a little bit more breeze. I’m wearing this ribbed pseudo-turtleneck top with mildly ripped jeans and an oversized bomber jacket. I’ve written in my Instagram how I got my hands on this unique jacket, if you wanna find out, you can go check that out here. I’m also wearing my super comfortable, triple white Nike roshes, which was perfect for a lot of walking and traveling. As per usual, I topped off the look with a pair of retro sunnies.

Vintage oversized jacket from my Momma | Top from Ses Fashions | Jeans from Just Jeans | Roshe from Nike | Shades from Fly Shades

Another black and white ensemble, I’m wearing this other pseudo-turtleneck top that I have. This time it’s cropped and paired with high-waisted flare pants. It’s true when they say style repeats itself and lately, I’ve been seeing those bell flares quite often. Wearing bell pants used to be my favorite as a preteen, so it didn’t take long for me to try out the style again myself. I’m actually wearing my previous jazz pants that I used to wear for dance training back in the day. Weird? I don’t think so. It provides the same look anyways --- and with a great deal of comfort! Resourceful? I’d like to think so. To tell you the truth, no one would have noticed hadn’t I mentioned it. Style should never be limiting, my dear readers!

Crop top from Zara | Jazz pants from Yvonne’s | Sunnies from Metro Sunnies | Sling purse form Guess

This was one of those casual outfits I wore during days of errands. This is a tank, bandana-type top with a lovely blue pattern, which I wore over my white jeans. Pretty simple! It’s something to feel comfortable in whilst going around and about. I’m also wearing a pair of typical white sneaks, a white watch and also a basic white cap.

Top from Something Borrowed | Jeans from Just Jeans | Watch from Bulova

I really don't have much to say about this outfit other than it's an easy look for when I'm lazy! On days when I'm exhausted, I find myself settling with something simple. I like to keep it chic though by wearing an all black outfit. I find that there's nothing as bold as all black; just throw in different textures and your outfiit will slay! I'm keeping it interesting with my ribbed top, skinny bottoms, suede flats and patent leather sling. I also like to add accents of color and material in my outfit, such as this scarf that I wore around my head as a headband. 

Top from Ses Fashions | Skinnies and an old scarf | Sling from Guess | Flats from Rubi

If there’s a color I low-key love, it has to be coral! It’s the kind of shade that I love for lipsticks, blushes and specific pieces of clothing, like this top I’m wearing. Despite it being simple, I find that the coral shade makes it much more pleasant and stylish. It also complements the soft, flowy material quite perfectly. This is pretty old already, to be honest --- if you remember my very first post when I launched this blog, I wore this very same top in one of my first looks --- but I kid you not, the color of this top has stayed the same from the time I bought it years back; still that lovely coral shade. I partnered it with the same pair of white jeans, a pair of nude heels and the mandatory sunnies.

Top from Forever 21 | Jeans from Just Jeans | Heels from Hue Manila | Sling bag from Coach

I’ve always loved white and rocking an all-white outfit is something I really look forward to. I feel like it’s such an effortless way to look classy, as long as you’ve got all the right elements. Detail is everything! I’m wearing this origami skort, which I decided to pair with something more soft and subtle, such as this simple flowy top. I finished the look with a pair of casual nude heels and a nice pair of sunnies. To keep things interesting, I’m wearing a bright classy red lip!

Top from Bottomline Clothing Co. | Skort from Lazada | Heels from Hue Manila | Sunnies from Fly Shades

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Four things.

Posted by Aura Charisse on July 4, 2017 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Four things: sun, skies, trees & water.

A combination of these guarantee me a happy soul. I believe in the beauty of nature and it’s always a pleasure to witness it, especially in the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle. Nature’s aesthetic is always therapeutic to the well being. I’ve had my fair share of life’s complexity, but these four never fail to humble me to the simplest, as I stand in awe of its charm.

Timing was perfect when we started shooting this outfit, as the sun slowly started to set. Orange hues gradually filled the surroundings of palm trees and bay waters. Manila bay sunsets will always be gorgeous and I wanted to get as much out of the beautiful scenery. I gladly soaked in the warm rays of the sunset and basked under the pink skies in my casual nautical outfit.

I’m wearing this blue and white striped top with my black high-waisted skinnies, and my classic white sneaks. As usual, I topped off the look with a large pair of sunnies.

Top from Zara | Watch from Bulova | Sneaks from Sheos Manila | Sunnies from Metro Sunnies

What are your four things?

I hope you like this look, dear readers!

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Braving the sun.

Posted by Aura Charisse on June 12, 2017 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

I joined the off-shoulder bandwagon relatively late. It took a time of convincing whether I fancied the style or not. Eventually, upon trying the trend myself, I was hooked! I could finally relate to the style and comfort which the top bargained. It's an easy outfit especially fit for sultry days.

Heat and humidity have been as intense and erratic as possible. A couple of days ago, I headed down South for some sea and breeze. I braved the sun in this OOTD: a breezy off-shoulder top, a pair of loose string shorts, a pair of sunnies and a floppy hat.

The off-shoulder top was perfect for protecting most of my skin from the UV rays, whist allowing me some wee breathing space around the shoulder area. To balance the rather heavy look of the long sleeved top, I opted for a comfortable pair of bottoms that gave my legs absolute liberation; aka short-shorts. For the soles, I just wore my leather loafers as I typically would. The sunnies and the floppy hat are no-brainers to the outfit. As for the color palette, I was in the mood for neutrals accentuated by heavy blacks!

Top from Shop Copper | Shorts from Zalora PH | Floppy hat from H&M | Leather loafers from GIBI Shoes

I hope you enjoyed this look!
Brave the sun whilst you can, dear readers! 
(Cause rainy season be comin'!) 

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Posted by Aura Charisse on May 27, 2017 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Here's a confession, I find it rather difficult to relate to most people.

Usually I feel like I'm such an old soul to be relevant to people my age. Sometimes I feel like being a nerd weird others out. Often my emotions get too extreme only few would understand. On most days, I feel that my morals can seem too rigid. Or possibly, my thoughts frighten others, whether it be bizarre, witty, or grim.

Whatever the case, I find difficulty in expressing myself in reality. I have this tendency to enclose myself in a shell for fear of prejudice --- which really shouldn't be the case, though natural and understandable --- but gradually (and I absolutely mean gradually) I'm learning to step out of my comforts and crack that shell open.

It's in the pieces of clothing and the lather of makeup where I can find a common ground with my peers. Appeal steals the attention of bystanders. Difference initiates curiosity in acquaintances. Little compliments spark a conversation among friends. For me, dressing up can be as simple as wanting to look good and decent, yet as complicated as displaying a common interest with those sharing similar styles.

Other than passion, I continue to create content because maybe, I'm not as irrelevant as I think I am. I guess, you can say it's part of embracing ourselves in the best possible way, to present our identities, wholly and raw, as an essential substance of authentic living. To further elaborate, I end with this quote,

“You can either be judged because you created something or ignored because you left your greatness inside of you.”

Indigo lace romper form Zalora PH (Something Borrowed) | Sling from Coach | Amethyst set from Korea 

Happy weekend, dear readers!

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