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BB Asia Launch + Workshop.

Posted by Aura Charisse on November 29, 2015 at 1:15 AM

Throwback to a month ago, I was invited by Clozette to the Blogger Babes Asia Manila launch + workshop! It was held at Vyne Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Bonifacio Global City. What a memorable first it was! Let me tell you why:

It was the first time that I ever felt like a legit working girl! Lol. Although already a college graduate, I've never been formally employed as I'm currently a postgrad student of medicine. I've never had any experience with work other than tasks involving my blog. This event, in fact, served as my first ever blogger event! It was a first for me to attend an event with my fellow bloggers and social media influencers. From bearing the horrific traffic to walking all over BGC IN HEELS just to look for the place, from coming out of my shell to meeting new people in the industry, from learning the basics to retracing the progress of my own blog, it was definitely a day to remember. 

Meeting new people in the industry was most overwhelming for me! I was shy and awkward as heck! And I can only hope I wasn't embarrrassing (which I doubt)... but it was an experience. It's nice to finally meet the actual persons behind the successful accounts of stunning photos with incredible content and K-worth of followers (or even more). It's also most impressive to learn from v/blogger legends such as Vern and Verniece Enciso, Cristina and Dana Decena and THE Heidi Nazarudin, founder of Blogger Babes.

(They were all so fab by the way I can't even!)

Learning from such high-caliber content creators, I was humbled by event. It only goes to show how I have much to learn in creating posts and growing this blog. Blogging isn't merely being a popular icon or taking great photos, captioning them and posting them online. No, it takes much more sweat and production than just merely posting away. There's a reason why I never post anything half-assed! It's about the art, the story, the community, and most significantly, the influence you offer your readers.

More than anything, I'm willing to learn and to keep improving this blog. My gratitude goes to Clozette for helping me expand my knowledge in the industry. Thank you so much & it was lovely finally meeting you! ♡ Thank you Ms. Lystra & Ms. Jara! 

Let's remember that while ambition is a wonderful, wonderful thing --- remembering to be kind, generous, and gracious is equally important. No one ever got to the top without some help from others, and isn't success meaningless without friends and family you can count on sharing the journey? So let's conquer the world, but in style.

Heidi Nazarudin

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