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A sliver of she.

Posted by Aura Charisse on April 17, 2016 at 5:10 AM

There are days when my life spills of sunshine and positivity, just as there are days when I'm an absolute choleric pessimist, who curses at every inconvenience. There are also days when you're on the floor ugly crying and wondering why you haven't stood up, yet somehow you always manage to pick yourself up --- never giving reality the satisfaction of pinning you down forever. You can be broken multiple times, but you can also overcome the threshold of pain, even much more than being beaten. 

A sliver of my existence resonates resilience. Art & literature never fail to heal me.

1. "We remain to be what is constantly erased and ardently forgotten—left with a blank canvass, inspired to create things anew," she said.

2. "She stays at her labyrinth's center and feels safe within the shadows—a tamed complexity never consuming the light within her," he said.

3. "There are shared words that never have to be spoken. These are pieces of ourselves we unknowingly lent the world that we'll never get back," he told her.

4. "Be like the ocean," she told herself, "the way it is both beautiful in disarrayed waves and the silence of sea spray."

5. "I saw her demons implode her being," he said. "Her final metamorphosis into sublimity." 

Micropoetry by Vinz Lamorena 

Photography & Art Layouts by Angela Julian Ulep

Sketches by Frédéric Forest

Thank you to my creative friends, Vinz & Ulep, for helping me create this vision project! Thank you Vinz for the lovely micropoetry that is ever so tender and gratifying to the soul. Thank you Ulep for letting me be part of your journey in photography and for creating these excellent art layouts.

If you're interested in seeing more of their works, you can find Ulep on Instagram and Vinz on her Blog as well as on Stories of She and Him. My huge gratitude is also extended to Frédéric Forest, the artist of the beautiful sketches. 

Dear readers, I hope no matter how difficult your days get or how excruciating the pain feels, you will always find a way to recreate yourselves too --- stronger and more resilient than ever before. Have a great new week, dear readers! 

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