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Destination: Seattle

Posted by Aura Charisse on June 9, 2016 at 11:20 PM
I find it so important to be well-versed in a number of things. Being well-rounded is one thing I greatly value. To be multifaceted means so much more than being able to try many different interests. For me, I see it as being a master of many crafts and being a Da Vinci in the 21st century, is a call not at all easy.

Among my crafts --- by crafts I mean interests which I try to excel in --- photography is one of them. At the bare minimum, I try to recreate life by capturing an image with a camera. That’s why I have a specific portion in this blog dedicated mostly for shots taken by yours truly (unless stated otherwise), the Photo diaries. It’s a domain where I can practice photography, get feedback for my photos and gain motivation to keep shooting with a camera.

As I visited the city of Seattle, I found myself brushing up on my photography. We had leeway and my first impulse was to borrow my dad’s Nikon to shoot photos.* Oh Seattle, what a lovely city you are!

I may not be the best now and I may not have the most high-tech of gadgets, but I make sure I don't stop practicing. After all, progress never stops unless you do! Photographer friends, feel free to lecture me! 

I hope you like this post. Have a great week, dear readers!

*I used dad’s DSLR as his is much more geared up than mine. His has a telephoto lens; thereby, capable of producing sharper and more crisp photos! Although some of the photos posted here were also taken using my basic Canon DSLR with the standard lens.

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