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BeautyMNL Holiday Haul

Posted by Aura Charisse on December 13, 2016 at 1:55 AM
After a horribly difficult year that is 2016, I want to close the chapter by spoiling myself with holiday treats. Where else to go to than BeautyMNL? If you follow me on Instagram, you very well know of my obsession for BeautyMNL; my number one go-to stop for all things beauty. BeautyMNL caters quality products from a grand selection of brands for makeup, skincare, hair care, accessories and even daily hygienic necessities. 

Allow me to share with you my BeautyMNL Holiday Haul 2016

All year round, they have sets available for gifting, but since it's holiday season, I found it specifically suitable at the moment to try their gifts sets. I purchased the following: the All Eyes On You gift set and the Wild Things gift set.

The All Eyes On You gift set consists of an eyeshadow palette, a duo eyepen, and a makeup applicator. The eyeshadow palette consists of two choices, In the City & In the Mood, which are variations of different neutral shades. In the Mood is much warmer as compared to the cooler tones of In the City. The shadows are perfectly subtle for an everyday makeup look. The duo pen has two ends, with one end functioning as an eyeliner and the other end functioning as a brow pencil. Both eyeliner and brow pencil appear in a brownish-black shade. Lastly in this set, we have the makeup applicator, which is also double ended. On one end, it's a very soft eyeshadow brush and on the other end, it's the classic eyeshadow sponge. Everything curated in the set has been made suitable for that flawless, daily makeup look.

The Wild Things gift set consists of three different facial masks for whitening, smoothening and even targeting those naughty wrinkles. This set is the cutest! Each sheet mask comes in an animal face design, which is perfect for having at-home facial sessions with your friends and family. The sheet masks are a trio of a dragon, a tiger and a panda. It's absolutely the most adorable way to pamper your skin!

I'm pretty satisfied with my haul, as I always am with every BeautyMNL shopping experience!

Bias aside, I shop at BeautyMNL because every transaction is so quick and convenient. You can order your product today and get it as soon as the next day. Also, their cash-on-delivery mode of payment makes it really easy to purchase. What a relief from the burden of waiting in long lines to deposit in banks or from the technicalities of credit card usage!* #adulting In the midst of busy med school weeks, when I can’t find the time to make a trip to the mall, BeautyMNL is my place whenever I need replenishing of skincare and makeup needs. It’s only a few minutes of clicking away and your order is delivered to your doorstep. It’s so efficient!

*Though if you're more comfortable with those modes of payment, it's not a problem at all as BeautyMNL also offers them. I just personally prefer easy COD.

I also want to commend their customer service which is GREAT --- honestly one of the finest services I've encountered online. Never will it be painfully useless to reach out to them, as they will accommodate you ASAP --- and by ASAP, I mean ABSOLUTELY ASAP --- and assist you in the best way they can. Another plus for me is how witty and sweet they are too! I appreciate the fact that they value customer relations by making the simple effort of communicating in a more personal way. Who wouldn’t appreciate being called beautiful?

Another asset of BeautyMNL is their monthly contest, #SelfieMNL where you can get a chance to win Php200 worth of credits. It's as easy as taking a selfie to start off your retail therapy! Trust me when I say it's fun because not only do you win credits, but you also win a polaroid of your chosen selfie!**

**I've joined and won twice already hihi (Hint: May & December)

In a nutshell, what truly lures me to BeautyMNL is the overall shopping experience. Other than the irresistible quality products, BeautyMNL is excellently professional, lovingly witty, and gorgeously fab!


Try it out for yourself and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re only a click away from your BeautyMNL experience!

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