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Posted by Aura Charisse on June 4, 2018 at 10:25 PM
Who else has always been a lover of dresses as a little girl?

I remember being teased for always being in a dress when I was younger. You’d rarely see me in shorts or pants and my god, did I hate being in overall jumpers! They told me a dress was definitely my iconic childhood attire. Fast forward to my twenties, nothing much has changed really! I still love to be wearing dresses and when it comes to shopping for pieces, I’m very particular about style and character. I wear dresses because I love embracing my femininity with an elaborate skirt and a flattering bodice. So when I choose a dress for purchase, I make sure it delivers exactly that, whilst giving me comfort. 

In light of the current bipolar weather changes, I find this dress has provided me that much coveted comfort against heat and humidity. I specifically chose an off-shoulder type-dress to allow my skin to breathe a little bit more, without beeing too revealing. Though not your typical fitted-torso bodice, I actually love the loose fit as it emphasizes that peek of the skin within the collarbone area. And can we talk about the sleeves?! It was definitely the flare of these oversized sleeves that gave this dress character. The material is also very forgiving in this weather. It’s made out of thinly made denim material designed with minimal stripes.

Off-shoulder, flare-sleeve dress from Something Borrowed | Sneakers from Skechers | Sunnies from Artwork

So that’s a little tidbit on how I choose a casual dress that is both style- and comfort-appropriate. Dear readers, you all know my motto when it comes to dressing well --- it’s not impossible to be stylish and comfortable at the same time! It’s really not necessary to compromise comfort, don’t you think?

How do you choose your dresses, dear readers? 

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