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To new beginnings.

Posted by Aura Charisse on March 18, 2018 at 4:30 AM

At the onset of 2018, a friend came up to me and said, “I’m looking forward to your new year post!” to which I shyly replied, “If I have something substantial and creative to write about!” It’s mid-March now, but let me try to address the grand, new year that is 2018.

Looking back at 2017, it was a most difficult year as countless obstacles and dreadful trials were thrown at me. To give you a glimpse, I entered 2017 lost and confused, fresh from a horrific trauma —details of which would certainly (100%) stress even you out. It was a new semester as well, to which I quickly plummeted down in terms of academic performance, greatly attributable to my anxiety, depression and ultimately, my weakness of having poor coping mechanisms. On top of all that, I had to delineate which friendships were true and genuine and which battles were worth fighting. Negativity and toxicity were ever so abundant. Being a highly reactive individual, it was all too much. Too much. Looking back at each battle I went through, I should’ve applied for leave of absence, to recuperate for my sanity, but your girl was no quitter.

I somehow managed to survive the semester in one piece, but not without grueling carnage. I told myself, if I were to continue my journey, in attaining a most coveted degree and continuing to live an optimal life, I needed a time out —a time to recover from all that was overwhelming. At the latter part of the year, I found myself spending more time alone, investing in my solitude as I searched myself all over again. I went out very rarely and avoided large crowds as my means of resolving peace. I left anything and anyone that is toxic and emotionally draining. I only spoke to a minimal of people, only those of which I considered dear to me. I limited my presence at the bare minimum, only when attendance is absolutely necessary. I kept the deepest of thoughts to myself. There are far too many lessons I needed to learn and several notions I needed to unlearn, all of which I had to realize myself.

This 2018, it is time to heal. A time to recover from pains, a time to leave the past, and a time to walk towards what lies ahead. Isn’t it beautiful to be able to turn over a new leaf every year? Isn’t it refreshing to know that there is a beginning to new things just as there is an end to grief? May we all maximize the value of a fresh year. Oh how I sincerely, wish you all a wonderful year ahead this 2018!

If 2017 bogged you down as much as it did myself; I pray that hope sparks, even the tiniest bit, so you may find light in the dark. Better, greater days are yet to come for you, my dear. This too shall pass.

If 2017 treated you wonderfully; I’m ecstatic and joyous for you! I empathize with the celebrations of life, whether them may be of little victories or grand accomplishments.

Photos by Kir Ubungen

Let’s all face the rest of 2018 together, dear readers! 

P.S. I got a haircut!!

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